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Mobile access to enterprise applications can increase efficiency and responsiveness and can raise the level of customer service. By providing employees with a mobile channel to corporate information, they can easily and securely access business critical data while on the move. Emails, contact directories, lead tracking and order entry systems can be within their reach, regardless of where they are. Mobility can also enhance many business practices. Distribution, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and business intelligence can greatly benefit from wireless connectivity.

Weume's Weume wired & wireless Information Router enables enterprises to route Information intelligently and securely to, from and between various wired & wireless Information devices.

Weume wired & wireless Information Router can create a logical connectivity between an Enterprise E-mail server's, Intranet, Extranet, databases and web server's to, from and between any GSM enabled wireless devices. This enables enterprises to push and grant access to information stored on any wired systems to their On -The- Move employees, partners and customers.

Based on the requirement of an enterprise, Weume's Wired-Wireless Information Router can be made up of either of the following platforms.

Enables routing of data from any wired Information system to any GSM supported mobile devices.
It supports mobile messaging protocols such as SMS.
Enables Bi-directional mobile messaging and mobile Internet services. It supports mobile messaging protocols such as SMS and mobile Internet technologies such as Wap and I-mode.

Seamlessly provide mobility and immediacy to the following applications and services.

Enterprise Applications

Enterprise Email

Personalized text based messages and alerts to employees, customers and partners through SMS

Bulk Sms broadcast, group messaging based on distribution lists

Enables Brand Promotion and advanced targeted Advertisement-serving
through Sms

Mobile access to product's and services information

News, alerts & notifications to customers, partners and employees

Pushing and pulling (request) of selected information by customers, partners and employees

Mobile commerce

An employee can receive text-based alerts to a new email in her/his email accounts, while on the move. Based on the rules an employee sets, the system can notify for all new emails or as specified by the employee. The employee can read and compose a reply either as a SMS, which would in turn be sent as an Email or through a WAP interface.

An employee can be alerted when a database is updated, can directly access the database by sending a SMS query to Weume wired & wireless Information Router or can even update a database in a secure method.

Customers, employees and partners can pull any text-based information directly from a HTML page. Information like: news, stock quotes, weather reports, and horoscope can be pulled from Web pages to mobile device through SMS.

SMS alerts can be sent to employees when an event such as a web form submission happens, sales inquiry through email, online purchase and any other such event based actions.

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