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Weume provides leading edge technology solutions to facilitate Interactive Mobile Messaging and Mobile Internet services. We offer web to wireless technology platforms, applications, and integration services to enable a virtual connection between the wired Internet, Enterprise Intranet and Extranet to the personal wireless world of mobile devices

The needs of businesses are constantly evolving in an environment where immediacy is an imperative factor. In this competitive world, those who possess the technology to move fast will compete more effectively than those who do not. Mobility is one of the key factors shaping how enterprises and end users conduct day-to-day business affairs.

The ability to deliver information to, from, and between wired systems and wireless devices, offers enterprises a new way to build customer loyalty, improve productivity, increase revenues, and reduce costs.

Weume's wired & wireless Information routing solutions and services addresses the growing needs of enterprises to extend the medium of communication with their Employees, Partners and Customers, anywhere and anytime.

The evolution and further enhancement of GSM is opening up a new world of opportunities for mobile network operators/service providers, from primarily being voice data service providers to value added non voice data and mobile Internet services. Wireless data services have opened a new revenue stream for mobile operators to increase their ARPU (Average Revenue Per User). Our objective is to partner with mobile operators in enabling them to provide mobile data services to their subscribers

Leading wireless market research groups like The Radicati estimates that there are 300 million mobile data subscribers worldwide. It is estimated that during the first half of 2002 there will be 1 billion mobile phone subscribers in the world and that a substantial number of the phones will have multimedia capabilities. In Europe today, mobile messaging exceeds 5 billion messages per month. By 2004 the number of people using mobile messaging is expected to reach 758 million worldwide with 55% expected to be for business use. Research commissioned by UMTS forum shows that, even at a conservative estimate 3G services represent cumulative revenue potential of over one trillion dollars for mobile service providers between now and 2010.Weume builds solutions that powers interactive mobile messaging for personal and business use

Weume's interactive mobile messaging and mobile Internet solutions are based on open standards, designed to support mobile messaging and mobile Internet protocols such as SMS, EMS, MMS, WAP and I- mode. Our solutions are designed to fully exploit the advantages of GSM enhancing bearers such as GPRS, EDGE and 3G services.

Weume's mobile messaging and mobile Internet technology solutions and services are based on our unique multi layer platform known as Weume Wired & Wireless Information Router

Weume Wired & Wireless Information Router enables enterprises and mobile network operators to route information Intelligently and securely to, from and between various wired & wireless Information devices.

Based on the requirement of an enterprise or the level of services a mobile network operator/service provider wishes to offer, Weume's wired & wireless Information Router can be made up of either of the following platforms.

Enables routing of data from any wired Information system to any GSM supported mobile devices.
It supports mobile messaging protocols such as SMS
Enables Bi-directional mobile messaging and mobile Internet services. It supports mobile messaging protocols such as SMS and mobile Internet technologies such as Wap and I-mode.

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