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Weume Wired & Wireless Information Router enables mobile network operators/service providers to route Information Intelligently and securely to, from and between various wired & wireless Information devices.

Based on the level of non voice data services, a mobile network operator/service provider wishes to provide, Weume's Wired & Wireless Information Router can enable such services either through one of the following platforms.

Enables routing of data from any wired Information system to any GSM supported mobile devices.
supports mobile messaging protocols such as SMS.
Enables Bi-directional mobile messaging and mobile Internet services. It supports mobile messaging protocols such as SMS and mobile Internet technologies such as Wap and I-mode.

Listed below are some of the uses and applications of Weume's mobile messaging platform.

Personalized text based messages alerts and reminders to subscribers through SMS

Bulk broadcast, group messaging based on distribution lists.

Enables Brand Promotions and advanced targeted Advertisements-serving
through SMS

Information pushing through Opt in for services like news, weather, stock quotes,
horoscope and any content on any wired Information system to the subscriber's mobile device through SMS.

Listed below are some of the services that are supported by Weume's mobile Internet platform.

Enables mobile messaging and access of any data on any wired Information system to, from and between any GSM supported mobile devices. Supports all mobile messaging protocols and mobile Internet technologies such as Wap and I-mode.

Facilitates Information Pushing and Information pulling to and from mobile devices through mobile messaging protocols Such as SMS and through mobile Internet protocols such as WML and HDML.

Weume Mobile Mail enables subscribers to receive instant notification of new E-Mail messages in any of their POP3/IMAP4 email account. Upon receiving a new E-Mail, subscribers receive an alert that provides details of the Sender, To address, Subject, Date and Time. Notification of new E-Mails can be filtered according to subscriber preferences such as sender and /or subject keywords and by date constraints.

a) SMS Alert (For GSM Phase1/phase2 SIM card Mobile Subscribers).
b) WIG Push (For GSM Phase 2+ WIB embedded SIM card Mobile Subscribers) .
c) WAP Push (For WAP Subscribers).

Weume Mobile Mail provides user friendly and flexible access to all POP3/IMAP4 email accounts, while on the move. Emails can be accessed, composed and replied to through the Web portal or through SMS or WIB or WAP interface for complete mobility. Weume Mobile Mail interfaces with all popular mail hosts that use POP3/IMAP4 standards, providing access to E-Mails at all times.

a) For GSM Phase1/Phase2 SIM card Subscribers (Optional)
b) For GSM Phase 2+ WIB embedded SIM card Subscribers (Optional)
c) For WAP subscribers (Optional)

a) For Subscribers with GSM Phase1/Phase2 SIM card (SMS request/pull)
b) For Subscribers with WIB embedded SIM cards (Wireless Internet Browser)
c) For WAP Subscribers

Mobile Service providers can fully customize the look and feel of Weume mobile mail interfaces with their existing web and mobile portal, ensuring consistency in their branding.

Weume Mobile Mail enables Mobile operators to serve sponsorship messages along with new E-Mail notification messages. Campaigns can be targeted based on demographic information such as gender, age and environmental variables such as time of the day or by day of the week. E-Mail access through SMS, WIB and WAP increases the network traffic over SMSC and WAP gateway servers, thus contributing to the growth of ARPU.

Weume Mobile Mail can support systems as small as five thousand subscribers and can be upgraded incrementally to support large networks with millions of users.

Weume Mobile Mail can work seamlessly with the existing SMSC of an operator. Weume notification manager supports all major SMSC communication protocols such as CIMD2 (Nokia), EMI/UCP (CMG), SMPP (Logica) and OIS (SchlumbergerSema).

Mobile number validation, Encryption of E-Mail accounts Information, IP lock and Secured Servers through SSL.

Weume Mobile Mail responds to different network models of operators by enabling their subscribers to receive new E-Mail message notification as SMS, WIG push or WAP and enables them to access their email accounts through either the WEB, SMS, WIB or WAP compatible mobile devices.

Weume Mobile Mail has an advanced administration section with an extensive reporting system. Since Weume Mobile Mail has been built upon GSM association's specification, it ensures consistent integration with service provider's administration, customer care and billing systems.
The administration area is secured through SSL and through role based privileges to access each module.

- New Email message notification and access to any E-Mail account from anywhere would enhance customer/subscriber satisfaction.

- Increase revenue through mobile marketing, Ad serving on the web portal and additional traffic over the mobile network.

- Turnkey solution immediately integrated into the operator's infrastructure platforms.

- Allows an operator to scale up user capacity as and when required.

Subscribers will no longer have to log on to the Internet in anticipation of new E-Mail messages. Weume Mobile Mail would notify them the moment they have a new message in any of their POP3/IMAP4 E-Mail account. User defined filters provide subscribers control over notifications by intelligently screening new emails and ensuring subscribers do not receive unwanted alerts.

Subscribers will no longer miss any of those urgent E-Mail messages while on the move. Weume Mobile Mail enables them to access their E-mail accounts either through the web or through their mobile devices. Weume Mobile Mail enables subscribers to read, reply, compose and delete messages either through their operator's WEB portal or through SMS request or through their WIB or WAP compatible mobile devices.

The address book, included in Weume mobile mail, self populates itself with the email addresses of the sender's, so the subscribers need only enter a contact name to create an address.

Subscribers can view reports on the number SMS alerts they have received between a specific date spans.

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