Wonderschools.com is a web-based Information and Communication portal for the k-12 school community. The objectives of Wonderschools.com are to enhance and enrich teaching-learning process through online content and tools, to facilitate communication and collaboration among students, teachers, parents and school managers and to provide schools with an effective medium to disseminate information.

Wonderschools' suite of tools offer schools a simple way to create an interactive, exciting web community while reaching out to school managers, teachers, students and parents. By providing easy-to-use online tools to promote academic and community interaction among school members, wonderschools.com introduces a new medium for managing, tracking, promoting and sharing information ranging from school administration and operation to announcements and club events scheduling, all in one unified system. Our comprehensive suite of online tools and services improves communication and enhances the entire school experience.

We provide schools with the tools and space to create and publish their school site and email accounts for administrators, teachers, students and parents. All community members can participate in moderated discussion groups and message boards. A wide selection of templates are provided for simple creation of personal and class home pages and photo albums. No prior HTML programming knowledge is required. Role based privileges gives schools control over authoring and publishing rights.

Our society is structured around the concept of communities. We belong to classroom communities, school communities, civic communities, sports communities, etc. wonderschools.com adheres to a similar concept of belonging. Wonderschools.com is made up of hundreds of smaller communities, some are voluntary and can be joined by any member of wonderschools and others are restricted to members of classes and schools.

Wonderschools.com is accessible from a standard web browser on any client; members can stay connected to their classrooms from home, school or any community center equipped with Internet access. It is a closed, protected education environment because students, teachers and parents can only obtain accounts through their schools. The involvement of each member school ensures that every user is identifiable, encouraging responsible online behavior.

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