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Weume (We-U-Me), as the name suggests, symbolizes the synergy between the Organization, Customers, Partners and our Employees.

Weume has its foundation built on three core values: People, Path and Passion.

People. People are our main asset. We would neither be what we are today nor would we be what we want to be in the future, without our people. Their motivation, determination and dedication in ensuring our clients success and thereby their own growth is a key factor to our success.

Path. To start off we had a process in place, as we grew, so did our process. As we evolve, we are open to change for the better and willing to encapsulate all that we learn from our experience. We know where we want to go and we agree that the path gets clearer as we grow and evolve.

Passion. We are passionate about three things:

We have a passion for profit. Our goal is to work towards achieving sufficient profit to finance our company growth and to provide the resources we need to achieve our other corporate objectives.

We have a passion for technology and we are passionate about making technologies work for you.

We understand business relationship; we are passionate about it and its values.



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